Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) – Malaysia:

LIMS is developed using latest Dot Net based technology, for a large Clinic in Malaysia having laboratories all over Malaysia and Bangkok. This system is also supporting 3rd party laboratories associated with the Clinic.

LIMS has modules like Patient Registration, Clinic Registration, Test Registration, Test Result validation, Specimen Master, Data Analysis, Accounts, Report Dispatch and MIS report etc. The system also has integration with Clinical devices.

GRC Database Migration – USA:

Governance, Risk and Compliance system was developed in MS Access, as Microsoft will stop their service on MS Access forms, we are migrating the application in AZURE SQL and O365.

Xygrow understand the pain points of existing web portal and proposing the solution that should be flexible and scalable to extend future features and functionalities. Xygrow understand that new Intranet/web portal solution is the initiative to build a system that enables a digital workplace that will improve productivity and employee’s workplace intimacy. Xygrow also understands that Solare not only intends to get a modern Intranet; but also intends to make it available on the mobile devices in future. Xygrow is building a solution which is product independent Cloud based solution.

Precision Firming:

Smart Farming is the latest trend in the world based on IOT devices and drones. The application has the following modules

  • Check the Moisture of the field by using Sensor
  • Based on the Moisture level of the field (differs for different Crops) starts and stops the Watering (Automated Sprinkler)
  • Identification of paste / issues in the filed using GPS and paste control using Drone

Big Data in Retail Industry:

The project will provide solution to Retail Industry using big data, through predictive analysis on customer behavior.

  • The application accepts data from multiple data sources having multiple formats and loads them in the desired format
  • The Rule definitions related for Predictive Analysis can be entered by the Business Administrators as and when required.
  • The Scheduler Recommender uses time as a trigger to fetch offers periodically from the Recommendation Engine and sends the same using the Notification component via emails to the customers

Automated Birthday Wish Application:

This is a customized Dot Net based solution for sending Birthday Wishes to the permanent and temporary employees of the organization. The application creates a Windows services and add a timer to automate the process of auto selecting the Birthday Wish Templates and sending the message through the company’s mail to the employees and their reporting manager on their Birthdays. The system also has the facility to send Birthday Wishes to the employees through SMS.